Open-source Serverless Development Kit
for Go and AWS Lambda

brew tap mantil-io/mantil && brew install mantil

What are we up to?

Cloud-native development demands a fundamentally new approach to building, launching and observing cloud backend apps. In Mantil, we came together to make an effective lovable toolset for developing serverless backends. The features below represent the beginning of the journey to bring the best experience for Go developers working with AWS Lambda.

Single point AWS authorization

Install Mantil on your AWS account in a single step with mantil aws install. This is the only point where AWS credentials are needed. Once authorized everything else is done through Mantil. Developing in the cloud can be challenging. We strive to enable a great developer experience.

Pure Go experience

Run mantil new to generate a project from an existing template or start from scratch. Then continue to build your serverless project like any other Go project while Mantil manages infrastructure. Your time is important to us. We do everything to keep you focused on “real” work.

Continuous deploy

Push the code to AWS Lambda on every save. Let mantil watch every change you make and instantly push it to AWS. Working on the cloud should feel like working on your computer. We do the plumbing, so you don’t notice the difference.

Instant logging

Seamlessly fetch the logs from AWS Lambda. Working in the cloud often means waiting for logs to be available, but with mantil invoke you see it in your terminal during function execution. Flow is the most important when doing creative work. We strive to protect your flow.


Publish the project to different stages. Juggling with many environments is never trivial, but it is more straightforward and more transparent with mantil stage. Mantil helps you manage multiple stages for development, testing, presentation and production. Publishing a project can often be stressful. We want to make it joyful and rewarding.

And much more

Check out the documentation to get a complete overview of Mantil features.

with Go
and AWS Lambda
can be fun exciting engaging rewarding

If you are enthusiastic about the cloud, coding and making software in general check what we have built in the last few months. Let us give you a sneak peek into the future of how serverless development might look like.

Join the early beta and start building your AWS Lambda-based Go backends quicker than ever.

Antonio, Founder, [](
Antonio, Founder,
Jan 08, 2022

I first tried a simple “Hello, World!” and it looked too easy. Everything was instantly on the cloud. It’s a matter of seconds.

Luca, Backend and ML Engineer
Luca, Backend and ML Engineer
Jan 05, 2022

Mantil is not just another infrastructure tool; it is a tool for developers. I enjoyed so much working with Mantil!

Christoph, [AppliedGo](
Christoph, AppliedGo
Jan 13, 2022

Mantil makes developing and deploying Lambda functions a breeze. This framework takes over the chore and lets the developer focus on the interesting parts.

About Us

We think that writing software is an artisanal craft. It requires focus, dedication and inspiration. Software writers shouldn’t be bothered with the intricacies of the cloud any more than with the architecture of the transistors in a CPU.

Based on our 15+ years in running a high-traffic microservice platform with billion of messages daily, tens of thousands of concurrent users and 99,99% uptime we are rolling out tools with built-in DevOps best practices to enable that same experience with serverless.

The Founders

Hrvoje Zlatar
Hrvoje Zlatar


Hrvoje is an entrepreneur by choice, CEO by position, and developer at heart. Founder and ex-CEO of minus5, a sports betting platform company. He has a special interest in the effect team organization has on the software architecture and vice versa.

Igor Anić
Igor Anić

AWS Solutions Architect, AWS Certified Developer

Igor is above all an elite technical professional focused on achieving product excellence by adopting modern DevOps principles. Founder and ex-CTO of minus5, he designed and perfected a microservice platform that processes a billion messages daily.

Marko Kovač
Marko Kovač


Marko is an entrepreneur and investor passionate about growing digital products. Founder and ex-CEO of Repsly, an international vertical SaaS company. A veteran of the Croatian startup scene with deep experience in scaling B2B products and businesses from zero to hundreds of customers.

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Interested in Go, serverless and Mantil? We would love to hear from you. Help us understand your use case and let us know what you like or don’t like about Mantil.

Zagreb, Croatia, Europe